Holly-Polly 3

New artwork in Wrecking Heroes.

"Bloom and shine"

Holly-Polly is an adorable female crafts cybernoid who befriends with Vanellope, Adorabeezle and Minty Zaki. She represents as a cybernoid for spring along with her sister Molly-Polly.

She was built by Dr. Element for agricultral research, craftsmanship and pet control.

And also she stars her own video game called "Holly's Garden" with her friends Marcy, Lacy and Pat who defend her garden from her evil neighbor Petrina.


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  • In a special holiday card, she has a pet bunny that named "Molly", which is also belongs to Feltka-Fatine.
  • Her name is a pun of Holly Hobbie, an American writer and illustrator of children's books and a fictional character.
  • Her appearance in Wrecking Heroes is sightly similar to her original artwork, but she wears a plain clothing without any patterns and has a flower design on her belt buckle.
  • She is the only character from Holly's Garden that does not have any hairclip.
  • She's the first Holly's Garden character who appeared in the seasonal card then a special event invitation.
  • She appears as one of The Gray Spy's disguises, but in gray and has an "M" symbol on a watering can and her belt buckle.


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