this is a picture of honeybee

Honey combe

Honey comb

Honeybee is a girl in sugar rush she looks like vanellope but only smaller and yonger. Honey wears a dress that looks like a bee and has a big black bow on it  and a conductor hat bigger then her head.She also has a toy bee on her hat and the hat is yellow and made with honey combs to.She also has a yellow and black buckle shoes. She is  about 5 turning 6 years old and shes turning six soon wich will be a episode in wreck it ralph the series.And she has a kart named the buzz bee.


One day there was a big boom in the candy tree forest it was honey bee.And since that day vanellopes been training her to be a great racer.She is also a character in wreck it ralph the series.


wreck it ralph:honey is friends with ralph but tries to anore him.But she pretends that she didnt hear him bye saying what was that.

fix it felix:Honey anores felix as much as she does with ralph.but cant help to pinch his cheeks when his voice cracks wich is embaressing to felix.

calhoun:Calhoun is honeys idol.She loves calhoun so much that sometimes she pretends shes her.

vanellope:Honey has a strong relationship with vanellope.But doesnt hang out with her that much.

Taffyta Muttonfudge:Honey is friends with Taffyta but allways forgets her name.Wich anoyes Taffyta alot.

Ho ho cuddle bunny:ho ho love's children so honeys relationship is as stornge with ho ho's as it is with everyother kid.

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