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Hi! Do you want to create a Sugar Rush character? Then, follow my instructions.

Step One

Make your character a first name. If you can't think of anything, there is an idea list below. Remember the name you chose.

  1. Marsha
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Gooey
  4. Glaze
  5. Cindy
  6. Sprinka
  7. Gummy

Step Two

The name you pick here will be blended with the name you pick from step four. So make sure the two names sound good together (Taffyta's last name was Muttonfudge). Again, if you're stuck, there is an idea list below.

  1. Squishy
  2. Gooey
  3. Sweet
  4. Sugar
  5. Guy
  6. Sour Girl

Step Three

Do the same thing you did in step three, then blend those two names.

  • Marsha Gooey

Step Four

Here's the fun part: drawing your Sugar Rush character! You might want to look at the Sugar Rush racers from the movie to help give you some ideas. Or if you want to make a recolor, go to PicMonkey and color the racer the way you want to color.

You're Done!

  • You can test names in the comments. Check back to this tutorial if you ever run out of ideas, or forget how exactly to make a Sugar Rush OC!

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