Hunkey Dorey is the supposed hunk of all the boys of Sugar Rush with his well built physique and looks. His kart is a chick magnet as it resembles a black and white racing striped fastback Mustang type of kart. Unlike Rancis, he plays it cool, suave, and treats the girls with respect. 


Quite similar to a Fastback Mustang but made as a kart. This kart has a loud roaring engine to make the other karts sound like puttering toy cars. It does indeed drive at fast speeds and rides in style with it's black racing stripes. The kart is made of white big hunk candy.


Hunkey wears very sturdy clothing so that he does not rip them.  He grows pretty quickly and has become a giant to the rest of the Sugar Rush characters.  He is as big as Wreck-it Ralph right now, so he is 9 feet tall and weighs 643 pounds.  He may even grow to be taller than Ralph.  His clothing is a lot like Ralph's.  However, they are not torn at all.  He wears sturdy, dark blue overalls, and a blue-plaid shirt with a light red undershirt—the same kind of clothing that Ralph wears—just different colors.  He may be huge in size, but he has a heart as big as he is.


Hunkey lives in Diet Cola Mountain where Vanellope lived before the game reset and she started living in the castle.  He does love making friends.  However, he is rather shy, so he has a hard time making friends.  He prefers to live alone, secluded in Diet Cola Mountain.  Maybe, one day, Vanellope will revisit her old home in Diet Cola Mountain and find him there.  Maybe, she will befriend him, just as she befriended Wreck-it Ralph, and try to make him come out and give him a proper home with everyone else.


Hunkey Dorey: A Giant with a Big Heart

This oversized man is one heck of a giant.  He grows very quickly, so many people who do not know what he is like are kind of afraid of him.  However, he is one sweetheart.  His heart is as big as he is.  He is very sweet and respectful.  Once you get to know this giant of a man, you will quickly befriend him because he has one big heart.