Fresh Ice

This new character is the most refined character in Sugar Rush. His candies themes are the Ice Breakers and jawbreakers. His kart signature is the Mingum.


After birth, his mother studied with the princess of Sugar Rush, Vanellope Von Schweetz. And his mother asked her: "I want my son to be refined, can you help him?". And,it started.

He has a crush on Jubileena, because he thinks that her is very happy and positive.


  • Speed: 40%
  • Sweetness: 80%
  • Handling: 60%
  • Special Power: Lemon Bombs


  • His fans are antropomorphic mint tablets.
  • His considered the Winter's Prince.
  • He's Minty Zaki's boyfriend.
  • His icon is a recolor of Torvald's beta icon.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
French Sucetteton Granulétte From "Sucette" means "lollipop and "Granulé" means "granulated"
Japanese アイス ブラウンカース

Aisu buraunkāsu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Gello Confetinno

From "Gelo" means Ice and "Confete" means Confetti  

Russian Ледоннач Конфетуьл From "Лед" means "cold" and "Конфeтю" means "confiture".
Finnish Hyvänikko From "Hyvä-Hyvä" means "bon-bon"

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