Icee Coolio

Icee Coolio is a Fanon Sugar Rush character added by Gumantha Popkins. She is themed around cold things like icesbreakers and wintergreen mints. Her Fan stand colors are varying shades of blue and white. And her fans are Ice Breakers.


Icee is fun, outgoing, and a party animal. Icee just likes to race,hang out, and have fun. Her best friends are Snowanna and Vannelope because she can relate to them both. Icee dislikes Taffyta, because she freaks out over nothing and is overly serious about everything. Icee's favorite hangout are the fudge cap mountins that are part of the track and her kart's name is "The Cold Blast"


Icee was a new character that was created and added to sugar rush through an update and as usual, all the racers tested her skills during the random roster race. She preved herself worthy of being popular and soon got herself to the top of the friends list.


Her Racing kart is two giant tacs (candy), each one on the side of a giant ice breacker on it's side with life-saver mint wheels. it has to tacs comeing out of the back to with a mentos package conected to it.


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