Icefido is on of Icephine's OC. He's based on Icefido.

==How he got into Game Central Station / Basic info

One day Icefido touched the screen of Litwack's Fix It Felix arcade cabinet and got transported inside and became friends with all of the video game characters in Litwack's Family arcade. Icefido races in Suger Rush and helps around the castle while Venelope is doing her Royal Duties.


Icefido is nice, funny, and sometimes can be awkward and goofy. But that's what everyone likes about Icefido.

Family / Freinds

All video game characters in Litwack's arcade ( freind)

Moppet Girl. ( Girlfreind)

Unamed dad

Unnamed mom

Unknown brother and sister


He wears a outfit similar to Turbo's outfit.



Icefido. ( better drawing will be uploaded later )


Icefido's Cybug form

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