Jack-O-Latte is calm and handsome. His candy themes are chocolates, white and black chocolates and milk. Her kart signature is the Chocokart. Actually, Jack-O-Latte probably would be Rancis Fluggerbutter's brother, but Rancis is based in Hershey's candies, and Jack-O-Latte is based in all types of chocolates. This character has been created by the user MyHuuse123.


His dad owns the most famous bank of Sugar Rush and his mom owns one of the most refined restaurants in Sugar Rush. One of his neighbors is a old-lady, that some children beileve that she is a witch, by this, she is called the "Witch of the Seventy- One".

He knows everything about languages and foreign cultures. Also, his cousin is a guide on tours. He is in love with Crumbelina. He likes to play Hand-O-Ball and Sugarsketball. Sometimes he goes to the game "Adventure Time" on his "free-times".


  • His plush is chocolate scented
  • Her fans are chocolate cookies and Jaffa cakes
  • Jack-O-Latte actually was called "Jaffer Snowcolate"


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Шоколатеска From "шоколад" (chocolate)
Brazilian Portuguese Jozélate From "chocolate" 
French Albert Cacaeau From "cacao" (cocoa)



From English name

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