Jack Ó Brigadeiro is a new character from Sugar Rush, he's known to has a carefree personality and speaks with a Brazilian accent, his theme is Brigadeiro a Brazilian candy and his kart is called Brown Bolo which means Cake in Brazilian. He was created by Esquilo30.


Jack is known to be very carefree, often walking around without caring of his surroundings and he is also happy-go-lucky boy and he loves to help people, he is sometimes shy and also a coward as he always panics when he sees a bully or get scared and hates violence and prefer to avoid conflicts, He also love animals and showed to be very knowledgeable about them, which many of his friends call him an animal expert. He also dislikes danger. 


Jack has peachy skin, his right eye is brown while his left eye is blue (Complete heterochromia), he wears a brown jacket with chocolate cream and a Brigadeiro-like Helmet, he wears Brown shoes made of chocolate cookie.

Jack's Kart

Jack's kart is called the Brown Bolo, it has good speed and acceleration, but has poor handling.


  • He has a secret crush on Gelatina La Woppleton.


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