"Keep calm and flapper on"
Jack cropped
Some attributes
First Jack Flapperdoodle
Second Flapjacks and Jaffa Cakes
Third "Jaffa Jiffy"
Other attributes
Fourth Calm, easy-going, laid back
Jack Flapperdoodle is a new racer from the game Sugar Rush. He came with an extension pack to the game which included 9 new racers, who he usually hangs around with between races. He is based on Flapjacks and Jaffa cakes, his fans are jaffa cakes and he drives a kart called the "Jaffa Jiffy".


"Jack keeps his cool even in the stickiest of situations! He is a lot less serious and more laid-back than the other racers. He may not be the fastest or fiercest on the racetrack, but his easy-going driving helps him get through some of the toughest race courses."


Jack has orange toned skin with freckles on his cheeks and nose, much like Fizzabella . He has reddish-orange eyes and hair, and he wears a flapjack as a hat. He wears a shirt with a gold and brown checkerprint pattern, which use the same pattern as his socks, and he wears a brown jacket with golden streaks. His pants are dark brown and his shoes are brown with golden soles, making them look like flapjacks. Jack doesn't really like to show off, so he has his hands in his pockets most of the time.

Role in the game

When the new racers were added to the game, Jack prefered to stay quite rather than show off like Flosstia or Harry. Because of this, he didn't really get to know the other racers and wasn't really well-known in the Sugar rush, making him eventually feel lonely and separated. Over time, Jack learnt that its okay to spend time to yourself, but its good to make friends and not avoid everyone. Jack usually hangs out with his friends instead of practicing, and he is good friends with Vinylica , as they both prefer to stay quite and easy-going.


Jack's kart, the "Jaffa jiffy", is made of two chocolate coated flapjacks stuck together with jaffa cakes for wheels. It has some chocolate chips as mirrors and a long flapjack spoiler. The jaffa jiffy is very wide but has good handling, but not great speed.


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