Jack O' Flap is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by

He is a stubborn and spoiled and is never happy with what he receives , he's always moaning and complaining.

Despite his behaviour , he adores racing and is always challenging his friends..

His theme is Flapjacks and his kart is the Flapptor


Jack O' Flap ; Spoiled Candy

Miserable Racer Jack O' Flap is the greediest racer around , he shares none of his possessions and demands to have other's possession , he a little power crazy too. So to sum him up , he's fussy , mean , stubborn and has a desire to control others


Jack is very greedy and self absorbed , he hasn't got that many friends because of his greed . He always demanding for something , and once he gets it , he wants more things , he can get jealous at other's possessions and he demands to have them . 

He seems to like racing .



  • Jack 's name is Flapjacks switched around and with an O'
  • He has a crush on Adorabeezle Winterpop
  • His design is by Toffeita123.

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