jam junction is a magical city themed world and is home of some racers created by 1816adry and the game was created by 1816adry


  • citizends of jam junction
  • cupcake sprinkle stene

race tracks & powerups/tricks


city spike:you have to go through the city and there speed bumps with spikes and steep roads and there are jump ramps you also have to watch out for cars in the street

beach day bloom:you have to drive through a bach and you have to watch out for waves,gigantic rolling beach balls,falling co co nuts,slipery sunscreen puddles,and surfboard that fall from the sky and there are also jump ramps

a walk through the park:you must watch out for falling trees and acorns that fall from the sky you also mus watch out for wild dogs,ducks in the road but the ducks are harmless,park benches in the road,and for slippery sand it there are also jump ramps

highway city park:this is the longest most hard track in the races it takes everyone away from the fact that there are only 3 track seeing how hard and long it is you have to go through all other 3 tracks then a highway then a city tunnle there are steep roads and speed bumbs with spikes and everything and you have to watch out for cars in the street


the power ups/tricks are bright stars that spin sround in the air and have the jj on both side of thems

traffic starter:the traffic starter makes someones kart get stuck impotween two other cars and makes them go slow for 50 seconds

sun screen happy:it only works in beahc day bloom it pertects you from any obasacal in beach day bloom for the whole track

oil spill:it puts oil behind you to stop other racers

flower  power: it  makes a big wall  of flowers that blocks the other racer for 5 seconds

freez frame:it freezes everone but the racer that puts it on for a whole minute

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