Jazzie is a recolour of Pixie,in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).

Death Certificit

Jazzie never ever knew it would come to this,

She smashed herself through a window,

Because she was getting bullied,

Poor little Jazzie felt destroyed


Jazzie: The green goo fairy!

Jazzie was getting bullied at school,because she was apparantly a loner,so she smashed herself through her bathroom window and died and then woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway finding out she was not a loner any more.

Jazzie's racing kart

Goo Glider

Jazzie's racing kart,also known as the Goo Glider

The Goo Glider is a recolour of Pixie's Decaying Pixie-Wing,just that it is covered in green goo.

Memorable Quotes

  • I may be the youngest in the family Pixie! but I can still manage on my own.
  • It's all right Betsy.


  • She has a similar story line to Sticky.
  • She died from smashing herself through her bathroom window,so she could die. 
  • She's the second recolor of pixie,the second being Cassandra

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