Jell-ron Éclair Mcgumball

Made by Sugarrushfan1

Some attributes
First Racer of The Upgrade Racers
Second Racing number #13
Third Taffyta's long lost younger brother
Other attributes
Fourth Other names: Drifting King of Sugar Rush
Jell-ron Eclair Mcgumball, is a new racer who is a part of The Upgrade Racers, who were added to the game in 2000, 11 characters , including himself. He is interested in just getting out on the track. He first owns The Candy Viper. His fans are Milk Chocolate M&Ms.

Created by Astrofan1.


Jell-ron is lightly tan skinned and wears a silver helmet with a brown M&M on the sides and a brown visor, has spiky hair mixed in with red, white and blue in a striped pattern, white shirt, blue jacket with a pink S on his right sleeve, white and red shorts and blue and red socks in the pattern of a candy cane’s stripes and blue shoes with white laces.


Jell-ron is a calm (at times energetic) and friendly boy who wants to be a racer. When he is on the track, he tends to be a Speed Racer equal. When he is off the track, he is kind and friendly. He is also considerate. Overall, Jell-ron is a good friend to know.


Jell-ron was always wanting to race, but was always ashamed by Connie, his ex-boss, who didn't wanted him to be in that enviroment. 6 months after the events of Wreck It Ralph, Connie now makes Jell-ron her No.1 enemy. With that, Jell-ron is now free. Later on, he meets the recolors and became instant friends.

The recolors and Jell-ron made The Candy Viper and helps Jell-ron get into the race by giving him a coin for entry. After losing his first race, Jell-ron see Sticky being harassed by Taffyta. After facing her, Sticky became his next friend.


Sticky Wipplesnit: Sticky is one of Jell-ron's best friends. Jell-ron saved her once from the despair of Taffyta's bullying antics. Sticky has a huge crush on him.

Crumbelina DiCaramello: Crumbelina is one of Jell-ron's good friends. She came to Jell-ron when she saw him stood up to Taffyta. Crumbelina also has a crush on him and fights with Sticky over his love.

Jubileena: Jubileena is another one of Jell-ron's good friends She came to him after seeing him stand up to Taffyta.

Taffyta: Taffyta is one of Jell-ron's greatest racing rivals. Suprisingly, Taffyta is Jell-ron's long lost older sister. Jell-ron and Taffyta share a touching friendship and a harsh rivalry. They always show that they care for each other in the oddest of ways.

Tellica Lemondrop: Tellica is Jell-ron's only cousin who works for Connie but supports Jell-ron's dream

Rancis Fluggerbutter: Good friends and close friend of Taffyta Muttonfudge.

Sakura Kasugano: Game-jumping friends, from the game, SSFIV.

Kei Chitose: Game-jumping friend of Jell-ron and best friend of Sakura Kasugano. She has a secret crush on Jell-ron. From the game, SSFIV.

Makoto: Game-jumping friend, from the game, SSFIV.

Racing Themes

Speedy Speed Boy-Marco Polo Night Fever-Super Eurobeat


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning

枣品 拼图下巴 糖糕

Zǎo pǐn pīntú xiàba táng gāo

From "枣" (jelly bean), "拼图下巴" (jawbreaker) and "糖" (sugar)
Spanish Chiclenno Romuelas Cremaz From "chicle" (gum), "rompe muelas" (jawbreaker) and "creme" (cream)
Brazilian Portuguese Jell-ron Sorvetinho Arroz-Doce From "sorvete" (ice cream) in the diminutive and "arroz-doce" (sweet rice)

ジェルーロン エクレアー マックガムボール

Jerūron ekureā makkugamubōru

From English name

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