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All image credits goes to Miss Little Sweets at Tumblr

Jeller is a crazy and funny guy. He loves to tell jokes to the other racers and made pranks. His candy themes are jujubes and the candy Jell-O. His kart signature is the Jellytube. This character has been created by the user Toffetia123, but the character design and recolor process has been made by Little Miss Sweets.  


Jeller is cute little boy who loves racing and becoming a good friend to all of the racers. His friends are Crumbelina DiCaramello, Sticky Wipplesnit. His father is Hulk, from the game "Hulk the Smasher".

He is very lucky to have a strong and huge father. He loves to play guitar and piano. Everyweek, he visits the Queen Vanellope. He is Vanellope's friend.


  • Speed: 90%
  • Sweetness: 100%
  • Handling: 30%
  • Special Power: Jelly Bombs


  • Jeller was originally a girl
  • By unknown reasons, he's Tiramello Misue's son
  • His themes are jujubes and the candy Jell-O but, he loves liquorishes.
  • He is a recolor of Rancis Fluggerbutter
  • He looks like Framboile


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Hyytelää Purumakunnen From "hyytelö" (jelly) and "purukumi" (chewing gum)
Brazilian Portuguese Geleniano Jujuba From "geléia" (jelly) or "gelado" (cold) and "jujuba" (jellybeans)
French Deniel Jujubette From "jujube" (gumdrop)

ジェラー ジュジュビーゼィース

Jerā jujubīzīsu

From English name


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