"Here I g- oops!"
Some attributes
First Jelliot Gluzentin
Second Jelly
Third "Wobble wheels"
Other attributes
Fourth Clumsy, silly, slow-minded
Jelliot Gluzentin is a new racer from the game Sugar Rush. He came with an extension pack to the game which included 9 new racers, who seem to be friends with Jelliot despite his clumsiness and silliness . He is based on Jelly, his fans are jelly babies and he drives a kart called the "Wobble wheels".


"Slipping on banana peels and walking into walls, Jelliot is a clumsy boy who loves to make people laugh with his hilarious slapstick! Jelliot's number one rule on the racetrack is to have fun, smile, and most of all... laugh!"


Jelliot has reddish-orange skin with rosy red cheeks and sky-blue eyes. He has reddish-maroon hair which is messy and in a quiff style, and he wears a large red jelly mould as a hat. In his latest design, he wears a plain white t-shirt with a picture of a spoon on it, with a red jacket with dark red streaks. He wears grey pants, jelly shaped socks and red, grey and white trainers. Jelliot doesn't have a signature pose, as whenever he tries to make one, he usually ends up losing his balance and falling on his face.

Role in the game

When the racers were added to the game, Jelliot didn't have a major role in the rivalry between the original racers and the new racers. Like Fizzabella , he was silly and crazy around the other racers and just wanted to have fun. In fact, Jelliot loved to make them laugh, even if everyone was laughing at him. Jelliot prefers to hang out with his friends and mess around than race, but he often causes accidents with his bad fortune, usually on himself.


Jelliot's kart, the "Wobble wheels", is a kart mould completely made out of red jelly. It has large jelly wheels and a giant spoon for a seat. The wobble wheels is one of the largest and widest of the Sugar Rush karts, making it good with speed but terrible with handling. Jelliot isn't the best of racers, but sometimes his luck turns and he gets a place on the roster.