Jello Julio is Jelly Julie's twin brother. He is based off of Jello. He is also a racer in Candy Dash.
Jello Surprise

His current design


Jello Julio: Jello Surprise This orange racer loves to fool around with the other racers. He sometimes fights with Jelly. Jello thinks he is the best racer but in Sugar Rush Taffyta Muttonfudge begs to differ. Jello can be a little immature around his twin sister but is really smart. He really likes to watch out for her as the older brother but Jelly thinks he he is being a pest. He still loves Jelly and the like racing together. Winning isn't always fun when you can get a tie with someone you love.


He was created by Ggghhj123.


  • He is based off of Jello not Jelly like his sister.
  • Even though they are twins, Jello is a bit older.
  • He has kind of an Elvis hairdo.

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