Jennocide (1)

Jennocide's doll by Metzco Toys

"I think the Living Dead Raceaway Game is the BEST game in Litwack's arcade...because I'M in it!"
Jennocide (also known as Jenny by her friends) is the most skilled racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game) (behind Queen Creepy) she is also the biggest bully in the Living Dead Raceaway,she tends to bully the zombie glitchie AKA Betsy.She is best friends with Agatha and Teddy,as they seem to come together while bullying Betsy.Jennocide takes Queen Creepy's rules very seriously,this means she agrees with Queen Creepy's very important rule,which is rule number one in Queen Creepy's ghoul-rules book,which is No Glitches are allowed to race! Espcially the zombie glitchie! So Jennocide is out to stop Betsy at all costs!

Death CertificateEdit

A long slow burn with a venomous liquid

Once it melted her face she had died

But it is impossible to keep a good doll down

& she arose from the dead as Jennocide


Jennocide:The Killer Barbie!

Jennocide fierce and deadly,a hole in her right eye,caused her death,now she is in the Living Dead Raceaway,a skilled racing ghoul,a killer pro,but her hate on glitches just grows and grows,she is out to stop little Betsy with Queen Creepy,she doesn't care about anything else other than winning races and stopping little Betsy from racing.

Jennocide's racing kart

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Jennocide's racing kart the 'Pink Blood'

Jennocide's racing kart is called the 'Pink Blood'.It is a dark pinkish-red (meant to be a blood colour) and it has Red Blood splatterd on the wheels and it has stitches all over it.

Memorable Quotes


  • She is very similar to Taffyta Muttonfudge from Sugar Rush.
  • Jennocide hates Sugar Rush,but she seems to be good friends with Taffyta and Strawbetty Muttonfudge.
  • She calls Fang The Sniper a 'gameless hedgehog' to annoy him,when actually Fang is a 'gameless weasle'.
  • Claire Gummy-Goober betrayed Betsy,by planning an evil plot with Jennocide to delete Betsy's code so she will be trapped in a code box never ever to get out,so that Jennocide could cast a spell on Strawbetty,to like Claire.
  • She died from drinking a cup of acid acciedently that fell on her right eye and burnt it out. 
  • Jennocide's racing kart the 'Pink Blood' is a dark pinkish-red recolour of Taffyta's Pink Lightning.


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