Jessie Bean

Jessie Bean is a character by HatB123(I created Fudgella Caramel). She is one of the best racers of the fudge away. She can be a little bit of a big head and a show off, but she is still one of the most friendly ones in sugar rush3, just like Fudgella. Her signature kart is called the Jelly bean missile. Her candy theme is jelly beans.

Official Bio

The friendly big head. Jessie is a little bit of a big head, whilst bieng very friendly. Everyone likes her, everyone are her friends in sugar rush 2.


Jessie has red hair that is short, she wears an orange blazer with a blue top, yellow,red and green jelly beans on. She wears blue shorts over orange tights, and Jessie wears blue shoes with black laces. She has green eyes and wears light pink lipgloss.

The jelly bean missile Jessie Beans kart

T H E    J E L L Y   B E A N   M I S S I L E -------------------------------------------------------->

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