Kit kat boy

Official Bio

Joekit Cruncikat: Nobody Cares For A Kit Kat?

He would give everyone a kit kat, even if they are Taffyta. But he has a secret. He's adventurous and kills chickens with Balary Lollipopper. He has a kit kat nerf, so he's super kitkatish.


Joekit is a boy with fair skin, blue eyes, and mahogany hair. He has a red-brown jacket, boots, and a yellow and red shirt. He has brown leggings to match. He seems to represent beng beng and kit kat.


  • Ha ha! Bye bye Sucker!
  • Holy *****! I'm gonna kill you!
  • Taffyta, there is only one way for you to like me.
  • Pamellope, where did you get this brand new licorice scruncie?
    Choco flame

    His Signature kart, the Choco Flame.

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