John Marston is the protagonist of the Real Videogame known as Red Dead Redemption


John Marston is a Rockstar character of the Series of Red Dead Redemption,is included in WiR Fanon universe by being the protagonist of the Upcoming Story Ralph and The Man of Blackwater,being this john a Younger and less experienced john than the original

General Description 

His personality changes from both versions,but in general terms he can be described as Sarcastic  and with a very involuntary skill to get in trouble,because he is completely fearless,his code dictates that he cant be scared by basically nothing,which often gets him in more trouble specially with the law and other outlaws,he is one of the most(if not the most) dangerous combatant,because he is inmune to lots of stuff and increidibly resistant to the stuff he isnt inmune,as he is really skilled in fist fighting because of the Native American Martial arts he has learned throughout his life,as well with a very high physical strength,and his almost unspeakable skill as a gunslinger ,and the abilit

Wiki one

Rampage John

y to slow down time and awareness of other people,but he is inmune to his ability effects,

RDRampage John (28  years old)

He is the one appearing in the story,he is very different to the Redemption john,he is more depressive because he is in lack of resignation and cyinism,and when he starts thinking about life he gets upset and depressed because of the lack of objectives and life goals,and he starts getting himselff nw stuff to think about so he can be better,and he still fights for the Political goals his Boss and Master Dutch taught to him,fighting in the war between the "Western Stars Legion" and the US Army in the Territories ruled by dutch,he has a very strong and uncontrolled Addiction to Opium,which in the story leads Ralph to help him,but he probably consumes it as a way to fight depressive Stuff

RDRedemption John (37 years old)

This one is the one the audience met first,cause is the one that appeared in the game,he is quite Cynical in almost everything,he is drown in the resignation and Cyinism,having as only objective to get a normal Redneck citizen life,living in nothing,beliebing in nothing,but his own capability,he has been Betrayed by Dutch's Gang now,and his son is now a teenager,instead of the 6 year old kid in Rampage,he is now in trouble with the government,as the FBI has his familiy as hostages,this john portrays the Cynism Itself,revealing that Dutch's ended up insane,abandoning the Objective in which they fought Richard Reagan and his Hordes of US Soldiers,which forced john to abandon 
38 john

Redemption John