Juicy Gummymint is a racer from Sugar Rush Schweetzway and a one of the rock and roll people there. Her
Juicy Gummyint

Juicy Gummymint

theme is blue grape, and she is similliar to Minty Zaki/Sticky Wipplesnit/Torvald Batterbutter.


Juicy is a young girl with fair skin, brown eyes (like Minty Zaki), and red, grey, and black hair. She wears a blue jacket, blue skirt, grey t-shirt, and blue shoes.


Juicy Gummymint: How rock if it isn't for pop' rocks?

"Juicy likes pop rocks, and that why she rocks! She doesn't look so gummy or mint too.

She rocks, actually!"


Juicy likes Sugar Rush and she is Vanellope Von Schweetz's biggest fan. She has a crush on Butterfingers Waferpie aka Waterpie, the racer that is similliar to Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey. She and Minty Zaki seems like best pals, but when seeing Torvald Batterbutter at the race, they don't like each other. Juicy is rock, but she is not so sweet meeting new people. Not shy, but just smirk a little bit. She doesn't want to make soooo many friends, not like Candace (ruler of Sugar Rush Schweetzway). But she and Jessie Pinkfrozen doesn't make so many friends too, they're the same, but Juicy was smirking and Jessie was just shy.


  • "Hey. How's it going?" (Juicy's catchphrase)
  • Yea, that's rocking, that's awesome anyway."
  • "Oh I like pop rocks! Ha!"
  • "What dah' heck??"
  • With Minty: M: "Best buds?" J: "Yeah! Thanks, Minty!"
  • "Thanks Candace ..."
  • "I'm Juicy, your biggest fan !!"

Race Kart

Juicy's racing kart is the Grape-Wrapper. It's like Minty Zaki's or Minty Sakura's, but it's blue. The kart has two fans, back and front.
Juicy's 2nd kart

Juicy's animation format kart


  • She is created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • She and Torvald Batterbutter may be enemies, because Juicy was one of the opposite racer in Torvald's mind.
  • She is the only racer that's impossible to have a theme, but blue grape was told as her theme.
  • She has a Japanese swap named Juicy Sakura that is similliar to Minty Sakura.
  • Her hair is similliar to Tambry from Gravity Falls.

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