Juicy Sakura is a Japanese swap of Juicy Gummymint, and she is similliar to Minty Sakura. She is also known as Sakura. Her theme is blue grapes, like Juicy, but possible if she doesn't have a theme, because she is a
Juicy Sakura

Juicy Sakura

Japanese swap. She appears in Sugar Rush Schweetzway Japan, and her story is similliar to Juicy, but it is impossible if Sakura has a story, because she is only a Japanese Swap. She is blue and purple, not like Juicy's colour. Her eyes are purple, and she has a fair skin. She wears a Japanese outfit, with a berry, straw, and chocolate on her hair.


  • She is created by  VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • She was recoloured with PicMonkey program.
  • She is the only racer swap that doesn't have the same colour with her original character.
  • Her skin and Minty Sakura's skin may be different, because it was proved from Sakura's skin was darker tan, and Minty Sakura's skin was lighter.
  • She is animation-format character, and Juicy is different. Juicy was painted.
  • She is one of the racers that don't speak.

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