Kicica Koliko

Official Bio

Kicica Koliko: Nothing But True Blue

Nooo no more pocky! Yep, the only girl thats true blue. She is a girl who thinks that life is not to enjoy, but to be yourself. Only on a thing, she cares about her racemate. Ala mode or what ever, its her buisness. So every one do not do anything to her brother, Balary,have never been bullied. For real.


Kicila is a girl with slightly tanned skin and rosy like cheeks, chocolate complextion colored hair with a blueberry kolico, blackberries, a indigo and sky thai tradional dress, black shoes with blue icing accents, and siege eyes. She repersents thai rice jellies and thai koliko.


  • Gloyd hates her.
  • If she's angry, she will bring out a pocky sword.
  • Her signature kart is the Koliko Crumble.
  • Her brother is Balary Lollipopper.
Images (1)

She and her kart, the Koliko Crumble.


  • Hey, do not mess with me. One step, your dead.
  • Pamellope, don't go nuts!
  • Hello, Rancis, or should I say Seriuos Face!
  • From the top people!
  • Ehem, Gloyd, get yourself some candy, for your stoumach's groaning.


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