Kicica Koliko

Official Bio

Kicica Koliko: Nothing But True Blue

Nooo no more pocky! Yep, the only girl thats true blue. She is a girl who thinks that life is not to enjoy, but to be yourself. Only on a thing, she cares about her racemates. Ala mode or what ever, its her buisness. So every one do not do anything to them, Balary Lollipopper , her,  Pamellope Pon Szheets, and Gloyd Orangeboar have never been bullied. For real.


Kicila is a girl with slightly tanned skin and rosy like cheeks, chocolate complextion colored hair with a blueberry kolico, blackberries, a indigo and sky thai tradional dress, black shoes with blue icing accents, and siege eyes. She repersents thai rice jellies and thai koliko.


  • Gloyd is hitting on her.
  • If she's angry, she will bring out a pocky sword.
  • Her signature kart is the Koliko Crumble.
  • Her brother is Balary Lollipopper.

The Koliko Crumble

Her signature kart the Koliko Crumble.


  • Hey, do not mess with me. One step, your dead.
  • Pamellope, don't go nuts!
  • Hello, Rancis, or should I say Seriuos Face!
  • From the top people!Insert non-formatted text here
  • Ehem, Gloyd, get yourself some candy, for your stoumach's groaning.

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