Lady RaRa is the main singer in the Living Dead Raceaway 2 .

Request1 - Lady RaRa

Lady RaRa.


Fame Ghost

  1. Just Growl
  2. Ghosterface
  3. Paparoarizzi
  4. Beautiful,Scary,Rich
  5. Fame Ghost
  6. Summerghoul
  7. Red Eyes
  8. Ghouls,Ghouls,Ghouls
  9. Pumpkin Gangster


Lady RaRa (AKA The Fame Ghost) Is the sassy and hyperactive zombie popstar in the Living Dead Raceaway 2,being very famous to the Living Dead Raceaway citizens.She drives around in what she calls her limoscream.She is close friends to the Living Dead Raceaway 2's President,Chello.She is also close friends with Katy Berry from Candy Dash.


  • She is BFF's with Ellie Ghoulding.
  • She is rivals with Katy Scary.
  • Her design was made by Wreck-ItEve105.
  • She is based on the famous popstar Lady GaGa.


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