Latte mocha by kasevee123456789-d69y9y7

He is the kind of guy who is all work and no fun. He's often very serious and realistic, but isn't afraid to give good advice to the few friends he has and those who visit his Coffee Shop within the Candy Cane Forest. He's often very negative, and doesn't generally like to be social with other people. His hobbies are serving/making coffee at his store. His candy theme is Coffee and doesn't really have an official kart and gave up racing sometime ago. And that's Latte Mocha. 


Latte likes to live his life by himself.


  • His fans are antropomorhic toffee candy wraps.
  • His plush is mochaccino scented.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Leitônio Mocha From "leite" (milk)
Russian Кофий Молоккю From "кофе" (coffee) and "молоко" (milk)

ラッテ モカ

Ratte moka

From English name

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