Lemon Sugar

Lemondrop (pixelated with sugar rush logo underneath) Motto "Be lemon on the Track or don't even Race Age: 11

Lemondrop is a Sugar Rush racer that was added to Sugar Rush in an update. She was bullied on by Taffyta and her possie at first but once she showed her skills on the track Taffyta decided to back off. Her motto is "Be lemon on the track or don't even race" She is BFF's with Snowanna, Adorabeezle, and Nougetsia. Her theme is lemon bars or lemon swirl ice cream cones. She is also 11 years old and short.


When not racing, Lemondrop is really nice and treats everyone like family, she also helps racers rebuild their kart after a race. But on the race track Lemondrop is the most competative racer. If you get in her way on the track she will ram you off with her kart, "Lemony Sting".


Lemondrop has shiny golden yellow-blond hair with a giant hibiscus in it. She has a tight lemon-yellow shirt under a white vest with a maroon and yellow striped scarf. She has light skin and baby blue eyes with smal freckles on her cheeks. She has lemon-yellow short-shorts that match her shirt and knee high socks with Lemon-yellow shoes matching her shorts and shirt.

Her Kart

Lemondrop's kart is like a wine glass with no stand to keep it up (that's why it has wheels). Her karts wheel are lemon slices and they're small in the front big in the back. Her seat is a little bit towards the front of the kart from the center but not much. She has those things like Candlehead used to light cherries only her are yellow and white striped straws. Her steering wheel is made out of a lemon flavored candy cane and she wears a yellow and white swirel helmet like Adorabeezle's only her helmet is shaped like the top of an ice cream cone.

Lightweight Kart

Lemondrop's Kart Stats



a copy of the terrible excuse, only bigger