Lemonhead is one of the newest Sugar Rush racers to come to the game. Her theme is Lemonhead candies. Her signature kart is the Titanium Tart.


Lemonhead has fair skin and bright blue eyes. She has yellow hair that is in the style of Candlehead. Lemonhead is wearing yellow capri sweatpants. Her shirt is white with yellow polkadots of all sizes. Her shoes are white boots with yellow licorice soles like Vanellope's. When she is racing, she wears a helmet like 's, only it is yellow and it doesn't have the green parts.


Lemonhead: Sweet 'n' Sour

"Lemonhead is so sweet, her hug will squeeze you to bits! But when she gets on her sour side, you might want to stay away!"


The Titanium Tart is a recolor of Taffyta's kart. It is bright yellow in color, but it is also sparkly.


  • She is Candlehead's sister.
  • The citizens of Sugar Rush that root for her in the races are little yellow jelly beans.