Lemony Sour Sweets


Lemony Sour Sweets

Lemony Sour Sweets is a character created by HatB123, she is part of sugar rush 3 (the fudge away). Her signature kart is the Sweet'n sour kart. Her favourite colour is yellow, and her best friends arev Jessie Bean, Fudgella Caramel and Melonie De Sweet. Her candy theme is sour sweets.

Official Bio

Not so sour after all

Lemony Sour Sweets may sound sour, but she is one of the most sweetest and kindest racers in sugar rush3. SUgar rush 3 would not be complete without Lemony.


Lemony is a 9 year old girl, with green hair topped with a candy wrapper bow, which is gold with dark yellow stripes. She has yellow eyes, and wears pink lipgloss. She wears a dark yellow hoodie, a green candy wrapper skirt, and yellow and mint stripy leggings, and dark yellow shoes.

The Sweet'n Sour Kart

T H E   S W E E T ' N   S O U R   K A R T ---->

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