Let's Fail TQFZP is a Sugar Rush Show where Annie Jaubreaker, Emma Jaubreaker, Courtney Vin Taffy and Emma Nems fail games and try to get 0 points.

Game: Papa's Burgeria

NOW LET'S FAIL! (part 1)

Emma J: Hi people! I'm Emma.

Emma N: I'm Emma too!

Emma J: Copycat.

Annie: I'm Annie,

Courtney: And I'm Courtney.

Emma N: The four of us will fail games, and, along with that, get 0 points.

Emma J: The first game we're going to play is Papa's Burgeria.

Courtney: Let's start.

Annie: Marty or Rita?

Emma J: We can be Marty just because we can.

-the squad watches the intro video-

Annie: Day 1!

Emma N: Order station, grill station, top station...

Courtney: It's like working at Burger King.

-1 minutes and 24 seconds of horrible burger puns later...-

Annie: Here comes a customer!

Emma J: Her name is Penny.

Courtney: A bun, patty, cheese, lettuce, mustard, and a bun.

Annie: -drags a burger onto the grill- Let's make one side burn to a crisp.

-1,000,000 annoying oranges later...-

Emma J: Alright, our burgers have burnt to a crisp... BUILD STATION!!!!

-Emma N. puts the bottom bun on-

Annie: Pickle. Pickle! PICKLE! PICKLE! PICKLE!

-34279 days of putting ketchup-flavored pickles on a bun later...-

Emma N: Annie, it's been 34279 days.


Emma J: My turn. -makes a patty levitate- OH MY GOSH. I just blew up the world.


Courtney: -puts cheese on-

-3468 seconds of putting random toppings on later-

Annie: -makes a patty levitate over the toppings- Good. -drags ticket-

Everyone: 19?!?!!??!?!?!?!?

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