Licorich de Twist

Licorich DeTwist is a character that appears in Sugar Rush Reloaded and is part of the story's Sugar Rush 2. His theme is licorice and his kart is the Turbo Twister. His personal track is Licorice Fields.


Licorich DeTwist: "One Cool Bro"

Licorich is quite the coded leader and is a cool big bro. He will gladly give out aid to those who ask. Licorich is the go-to guy and when he talks, the others listen.


Licorich is a young boy with a tannish skin tone, navy blue hair and light blue eyes. His racing jacket is black with bright red collar and red licorice cuffs and socks. His pants are a deep dark red and his shoes are black. When racing, he wears a black helmet with a red visor.


Of all the kids, Licorich is a respected racer in his own right. He sees everyone as equals and has a good sense of leadership, second only to Azulon. Licorich is always willing to give good advice when asked and will try to prevent any rising conflict as best as he can. He's one of the few who isn't afraid of Teason and keeps Flamian in check by helping him stay out of trouble.



Special Ability


Teason Bubblemash : Licorich is the only one who isn't afraid of Teason. Because of the latter's hotheadedness and abrasiveness, the two often clash but do have a degree of respect for each other. Licorich cares for Teason like a brother, who in turn sees him as such even if they bicker the most.

Banamothy Cremeswirl : The two are on good terms with each other and Licorich will often accompany Banamothy in the latter's detective work and puzzle solving. 

Flamian Cinderburn : Licorich has his hands full with Flamian, who as the youngest is almost the most impressionable. Rich wants to keep the little guy safe and away from Teason's rather violent methods.

Cakelynn Batterroll : He adores Cakelynn like a younger sister and is protective of her. He enjoys her unparalleled optimism and overall happy vibes. She in turn looks up to him like a cool big bro.

Marshmalla Grahamdon : To Licorich, Marshmalla is his equal through and through as they both have the most in common. The two are best friends.


His theme is licorice.


  • His fans are anthropomorphic licorice bites.
  • All of the Sugar Rush 2 racers are older, all between 10-13 years old, in contrast to the Sugar Rush racers being 9. Licorich is the oldest, being 13 himself.

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