Like Old Times is a Fan-Fiction made by Harpstring.


Chapter One

Gloomina watched the racers line up, and pay the fee to race to determine tomorrows avatars. I should be there. She thought, the familiar rage flaring in her belly. Her best friend, Pumpkin Applejack, payed the fee and moved on. Vanellope Von Scweetz was last, unlike King Candy, who always went first, and was so full of himself. The only thing good about that time was when Vanellope was a glitch. As she thought about that, a vivid redness outlined her,  and replaced her ice blue eyes with red for a split second. She had gotten used to that. She had more than 10 years to. They got in their karts, and zoomed away.

Later that day, when Applejack made it to the selection screen by a landslide. That tricky Jubileena almost had her best friend. They were walking to the seceret hideout, the empty and unactive Hot cola Mountain. "Hurry up! We can't be late for that chemical reaction thing, its so pretty." Applejack called. "Slow down, will ya? It's hard lugging this dumb dress everywhere." She grumbled. They walked between the lollipops and jogged into the barren mountain. The roof, where all the mentos were, was gone. and so was the cola that was once there. The "Chemical reaction" Is from when the Cy-Bugs got evaporated into the broiling hot cola, and the weird sticky stuff underneath their hard metal shell's, well... polluted... the place. "It hardly smells that bad, today, either!" Applejack was a quick thinker, but she sure had Candlehead's brains. The place started lighting up, green dancing everywhere. It almost meltled the ice that froze her heart, seeing it everyday. Even though she had seen it countless times, It was so mezmerizing. As the light gradually died down, she grabbed a stick and made jabbing marks in the sand. "So uh, when are we gonna go and get Sugar Rush back." Pumpkin said. Gloomina took a long sigh. "Its not thay easy." She said, her eyes sparking red, then back to ice blue. "We don't just go in there, and say, "Hey can I have my kingdom back? It would be much appreciated."". Pumpkin sighed. "Okay, okay. Why are you always so grumpy?" Gloomina sighed. "I just want you to remember something. A virus? Is more... Powerful. Then a glitch." Pumpkin tilted her head very slightly. "But Vanellope Isn't a gli-" 

"Enough! We are done talking about that!" 

Pumpkin shrunk back, shocked. "I always knew you had anger issues, but just because..." Pumpkins voice droned on in the backround as she thought of a plan. She looked at her hand, feeling an odd sensation she'd never felt before. Her hands were sparking tiny red bolts.

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