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Lilith Golgotha is a competitive 14 year old racer she is also a traveller she loves to hang out with other characters in Game Central Station she doesn't like dresses and makeup.


Lilith Golgotha: Sweet?Sour?Both! 

Lilith is sometimes negative and sometimes positive.She is known to be crazy and sarcastic she likes making fun of her three step brothers and mocking her cousin.After a race she hangs out with her friends and cousins or sometimes she could be alone in her room spending her time drawing and listening to music. 


  • Is it over?
  • No I am not!
  • Uhhhh say what now?!
  • You look pretty!
  • Don't make me kill you!
  • Its Sarcasm!
  • Give me your handprint first!
  • Oh this is the key to the jukebox.
  • Do I look like I care?No I don't!
  • No I don't wanna wear a dress!!
  • Wooohooo!!Party Time!!!


  • Her theme is Licorice and Skull Candies
  • She loves roleplaying.
  • She is a character for two games(Homestuck and Sugar Rush).
  • She likes skirts.
  • Her tier is Prince of Void.
  • She loves music.
  • She loves saying kill as her threat

Theme Songs

Twenty one pilots Heathens (from Suicide Squad The Album) OFFICIAL VIDEO03:38

Twenty one pilots Heathens (from Suicide Squad The Album) OFFICIAL VIDEO

20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp - LYRICS!03:13

20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp - LYRICS!


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