Lily is bright pink recolour of Frozen Charlotte.

Death Certificate

Died from slipping into the freezing cold water of the ocean, Lily froze in pink instead of blue.

Poor little Lily is now floating in the freezing cold ocean, frozen to death.


Lily: The dead Pink frozen girl!

Lily did not know that she was on the edge of the cliff, All she thought she was safe and sound,until she fell off the cliff's rocky grounds,and fell into the freezing cold ocean with a splash, she was so freezing cold that she died.Then she became a recolour in the Living Dead Raceaway, with a massive creepy smile on her face.

Lily's racing kart

Blood-Stained Ice

Lily's racing kart,also known as the Blood-stained Ice

The Blood-Stained Ice is a recolour of Frozen Charlotte's Deadly Frostbite, the only different thing about it is blood stained.

Memorable Quotes

  • OUCH!!!!!!!!!
  • What was that for?!


  • She died from skidding into the ocean and freezing to death.

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