Lindal Chocolen

Lindal Chocolen is a character from Sugar Rush Reloaded and a racer from the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. Hir theme is Lindtor Chocolate and hir kart is the Hyper Shell. Hir personal track is Truffle City.


Lindal Chocolen: "Little Words but Plenty of Action"

Lindal comes across as aloof and rarely entertained. Despite the rather intimidating appearance, Lindal is a much nicer person once you get to know hir. Keep in mind, there's plenty of sarcasm to go around.


Lindal is an androgynous kid with short black hair and sleepy looking gray eyes. S/he wears a light gray shirt with three circles, each representing the three main truffle flavors. Over the shirt is a blue racing jacket with a red collar and yellow cuffs. S/he wears a dark blue belt with black pants, sky blue socks and black shoes. Lindal's racing helmet is blue with a yellow visor. 


Lindal is aloof, very sarcastic and has interest in very few things. S/he speaks in an almost monotone voice and can come off as boring to others. S/he is however proven to be quite friendly, and is best friends with Redd and Ginger. 



Lindal's kart is the Hyper Shell.

Special Ability


Ginger Pumpkinspice : Ginger is Lindal's best friend and the two hang out with their other best friend Redd. 

Redd Velvetine : Redd is Lindal's best friend. Together with Ginger, they like to hang out together and find all possible routes on their tracks.

Azulon Razzblue : Lindal is on good terms with Azulon and the others like to playfully tease that the two are harboring feelings for each other. 

Geminia Dazzler : Due to Lindal not caring or acknowledging Geminia's words, Geminia hates Lindal with a passion. She will hurl every insult hir way but Lindal will remain unaffected. 

Rollmin Swirlsting : Lindal also ignores him as much as s/he does Geminia. 


Hir theme is Lindtor Chocolate.


  • Hir fans are anthropomorphic chocolate truffles.
  • Lindal is referred to as "hir" and "s/he" due to having an androgynous appearance. Supporting this is that one of hir alternate outfits is a female version of hir default outfit. 
  • Lindal shares a few similarities with Gibby, such as their love of gummies and jello. It turns out that Lindal is actually an older, recoded version of Gibby, minus the signature hyperactivity. One of Lindal's alternate outfits is the same as Gibby's.

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