Liquorish chac

Liquorishee is a smart girl that never give up of your potentials. She loves bowling and travel to other Sugar Rush Countries, because she likes to know more about other countries. Her candy themes are assorted liquorishes and the candy "York". Her kart signature is the Assorted Kart. This character has been created by the user Toffetia123.


Like Snowanna, she loves rainbows. She also loves to go to the beach in the the Fall, but she hates the Winter. That's because she's also Adorabeezle Winterpop's worst enemy. She has her personal track to train for the Race, that is also a famous track. Her kart, isn't a normal kart like the other karts. Her kart is a type of Ice Cream Sandwich, with Liquorish wheels.

She is a racer from the Sugar Rush Africa, by her "browny" skin. Her personal track is made of Brownies, Profiterols and taffies. She also helped Vanellope, building her new castle. 


  • Speed: 95%
  • Sweetness: 60%
  • Handling: 50%
  • Special Power: Assorted Way


  • Her fans are assorted liquorishes.
  • Her plush is liquorish scented.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Alcaçúcar Sortidos From "alcaçuz" (liquorish) united with "açúcar" (sugar) and "sortidos" (assorted)
Russian Лакричкя Тоффи From "лакрица" (liquorish) and "тоффи" is a transliteration of (toffee)
Italian Gommalenna Masticatutto From "gomma" (gum or gumdrop) and "mastica" (chew) united with "tutto" (all)

リコリシー ジョヨーク

Rikorishī joyōku

From English name

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