CyBug Juvenile

A Juvenile Cy-Bug

This List of Cy-Bug Variants lists the different Fan-Made Species of Cy-Bugs. When a Cy-Bug consumes an object (whether it be organic or inorganic) part of it becomes them and they obtain attributes and abilities of the object here is a list of just a few of these Hybrids.

Organic Hybrids

  • Wreck-It-Beetle
  • Vanella Vee Queen
  • Fix-It-Fly
  • SergeANT Calhoun
  • Fighter Mantis
  • Hive Hunter
  • Dragon Fly
  • Bowser Bug
  • Sonic Silverfish
  • Electric Earwig
  • Matrix Moth
  • Gex-Hopper

Inorganic Hybrids

  • Coding Caterpillar
  • Electric Eawig
  • SIlver Streaker Fish
  • MantisCycle

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