These are a list of episodes from The adventures in Litwak's Arcade. All episodes contain a song and most of them a boss.


Season Episodes Original airdate
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 2015 or 2016 2016 or 2017

Season 1 (2012-13)

# Title Original Air Date
1 Pilot 2015
Ralph goes to the re-grand-plugging of Fix-It Felix Jr. However, when Felix invites their friend Sergeant Calhoun, some Cy-Bugs get loose in the game. Ralph and Felix team up to destroy the Cy-Bugs.
  • alternate name: Cy-Bugs are back!
  • BOSS: Cy-Bugs
  • Song: Bug Noise by Shrillex
2 Nobody Likes You, Anyway 2015
Vanellope gets bulled by Taffyta and Candlehead and asked Ralph what to do. It goes on and on until Taffyta and Candlehead says sorry.
  • Note: The title was said from Taffyta after saying she bullied Vanellope
  • Song: Nobody Likes Me by Vanellope Von Schweetz

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