Loliboy Pop is a new racer in Sugar Rush he is Loligirl Pop's cousin he is good at racing he is one of the toughest racer to beat.


Cool as cold lollipop Loliboy is a cool boy he is good at racing and he also wants to be the greatest racer.


  • Hi Gloyd
  • With Gloyd* Hey I got to tell you something *Gloyd wants to know it* have you seen that girl *then Gloyd said yes* I have a crush on her.
  • Gloyd start pushing him to Pink Bubblegum* *bumps to Pink Bubblegum* Sorry my friend pushed me *blushes*
  • With Gloyd* Why did you do that?
  • Pink Bubblegum winks at him* *starts blushing* Why am I blushing
  • With Gloyd questioning if he still likes Pink Bubblegum* *blushes* Yes
  • My name is Loliboy Pop


  • He has a secret crush on Pink Bubblegum
  • He is cool
  • Gloyd is his Best Friend
  • His kart's name is Loliyellow Pop
  • He likes Pink Bubblegum because he thinks that she is cool

Theme Song

Cool Kid04:04

Cool Kid


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