Lolita Sweet is a racer in Sugar Rush and a bully her friend is Coblette McPeachie.


Lolita Sweet: Little Miss Sour

Lolita is not very sweet she can make boys cry she is a vain her only friend is Coblette McPeachie she loves mirrors as usual and shows no mercy


She is a bully in Sugar Rush she is good at racing she shows no mercy during a race she is known a strong and brave racer but if she lose a race she will bully a racer who defeated her like when Samantha SprinkleTart defeated her in a race she pushed her in the mud and destroyed some of the parts on her kart.


  • Time to race 
  • I will win and nobody else
  • with Coblette* *talking to Samantha* hey you you will pay for this *pushes her at the mud puddle* take that Clean Freak! hahaha


  • She is good at doing gymnastics
  • she is one of the best racers on Sugar Rush actually Top4


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