Maddie Millions is a fanon sugar rush character created by
Adorapinkle gumdropop

Maddie is shy , timid but smart and organized.

Her theme is Millions Candy.


Maddie Millions : True Geek

Shy , smart and amicable , Maddie is a not very confident , timid but is very knowledgeable , she is usually bullied by Gumville and Gumberley . Maddie wants to become more confident . Due to her shyness , she prefers to stay away from the racetrack , but sometimes she likes to enter.


Maddie is kind , timid and prefers to be alone than in a large group of racers . She's very smart , she is teased by the Balldroppers Twins . She prefers to not to race as she's always worrying about doing something wrong , but her friends is always ready to help .



  • She is mainly seen on her own .
  • She has just imaginary friends .
  • Though she is shy , she actually has a secretly a reporter for the The Candy News , she has a completely different outfit and her names is Milly
  • Her design was made by Toffeita123.

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