Re-snowanna coloreau

Magnumuseena or just "Maggie" is a relaxed and easy-going racer. She loves to play violin and flute. Her candy themes are the ice cream Magnum and chocolate flavored ice creams. Her kart signature is the Ice Missile.


Actually, Maggie is an old racer from the old Sugar Rush. She also, works in the Ice Cream Mountain in Sugar Rush. Today she is Ice Brownker's mother.


  • Speed: 50%
  • Sweetness: 80%
  • Handling: 90%
  • Special: Sticky Fudge


  • Her fans were chocolate gumdrops.
  • Her plush was cream scented.
  • At first, she would be a boy, called Magnumuseenko, but it was changed.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Chocoladella From "chocolat" (chocolate)



From English name
Finnish Hammasuklää

From "hammastikku" (stick) united with "suklaa" (chocolate)

Russian Сладоска From "Сладость" (sweetness)

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