Malissa's new design.

Malissa Cocopuff is a Fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs. Her theme is chocolate treats including the Cocopuffs cereal itself. Her signature kart is The Snicker.


"I think I'm gonna like this!"

-Malissa Cocopuff

"Whether rain or shine, night or day, Malissa Cocopuff is always smiling. Once she starts racing, it's hard for her to stop! While she might be aggresive with power-ups while racing, she is caring and friendly when resting."

Like other creations of Malissa Cocopuff, Rainingcatsanddogs has updated her bio and picture.


  • Good news! This character is getting her bio updated! Her new picture is here!
  • She is portrayed as being good friends with Sweetyz Milkyway.
  • When racing, she is seen wearing a brown helmet with a blue visor.
  • Malissa gets along with anyone she sees. She doesn't feel down, even when she is being bullied.
  • Her shoes are similar to Vanellope's, except brown instead of black.
  • Even though she likes chocolate, she does not like dark chocolate.
  • Her fans are, as to be expected, Cocopuffs. And they have beaks!
  • The stands that her fans are in say Malissa Cocopuff, but have small writing on the bottom that can be read as "and Sweetyz Milkyway."