Marky Candycane

Marky Candycane and his kart: te platnium-peppermint

 Marky Candycane is Swizzle Malarkey's recolour, he was made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher.

His theme is candycanes and peppermints, and his kart is called the platnium-peppermint.


Marky looks like Swizzle, except his colour scheme is red and white. he has long red hair and brown eyes, he has tanned skin.

He wears a white jacket with red stripes with a red shirt, white trousers with red stripes, red socks, white shoes and a white beanie-hat with red stripes.


  • He is very shy
  • He has a crush on Jubileena Bing-bing
  • He is a good singer

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