Candy girl

Marmellada Chokeetoz is jealous racer. She isn't bad, but she has no pity for anyone. Her candy are marmalades and the chocolate Chokitos. Her kart signature is the Chokart. This character has been created by the user Toffetia123. 


Marmellada has a diferent family from the others. Her family is obsessed with ghosts. She doesn't like and she doesn't believe in ghosts. All she desires is a lot of fame and money.

She and Troufellino don't believe in ghosts. But, to her family, go out at night to hunt ghosts, is tradition. And obviously, she doesn't like it.


  • Speed: 40%
  • Sweetness: 75%
  • Handling: 90%
  • Special Power: Milky Wave


  • Her fans are antropomorphic lollipops.
  • Her original name is: Bannoma Cupkendall.
  • Troufellino is her brother.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning

Suklääkoosi Sokervuori

From "suklaa" (chocolate) and "sokeri" (sugar)

マールメラーダ チョケトィッズ

Mārumerāda choketo~izzu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Marmellada Cobertura De Chocolate

From "cobertura de chocolate" means "chocolate icing"

Russian Укушка Пeнча-Пeнча From "кусить" (to bite) and "печенье"
Indonesian Perempuan Manis Masam

From "perempuan" (girl), "manis" (candy) and "masam" (sour)

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