Marshmalla Grahamdon

Marshmalla Grahamdon is a character from Sugar Rush Reloaded and a racer within the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. Her theme is s'mores and her kart is the Grand Rumbler. Her personal track is S'mores Village.


Marshmalla Grahamdon: "Fight to the Finish!"

Marshmalla is quite spunky and energetic. There's nothing that will keep her down! No matter the odds, should she fall down she will always get back up and try again. There's no such thing as quitting.


Marshmalla is a young girl with reddish orange medium length hair, light skin and green eyes. She wears a sand colored shirt and over it is a light brown racing jacket with a white collar and brown and white cuffs. She wears a matching skirt with a white belt, brown leggings and brown boots with dark brown and white socks. Her fasteners are small square crackers and her soles are white. Her racing helmet is brown and white with a pale brown visor. It bears a s'mores logo in the center.


Marshmalla is a headstrong girl with a very strong resolve. She will never give up no matter what the odds are. She's always willing to help friends who are feeling down, well to the point where she might neglect her own needs. 



Her kart is the Grand Rumbler.

Special Ability



Her theme is s'mores.


  • Her fans are anthropomorphic marshmallows.

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