She is a racer within the game Sugar Rush. Her candy theme is M&Ms, and her kart is the Color Racer. Spenserve Frozenfudge, Sweetums HardenTart, Sizzle Fryer, Chiplie Cookiedough, Hersha McChocolate, and Pixla Powderdust.


Marsla Colorbottom: Colorful Personality

"Marsla Colorbottom is a true kind hearted racer. Too her friendship is more important then the Sugar Rush Racing Championship Cup any day."


She is fair skinned with light green eyes and brown hair with different colors of M&Ms in it. She wears a red visor with black accents, a yellow shirt, a red and yellow skirt, red and yellow leggings, red shoes with yellow soles. When racing she wears a red and yellow helmet and a red blazer.


  • Her catchphrase is, "Stay Colorful!"
  • Her kart is the Kit Kart, but red and yellow and made of M&Ms.

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