Matthew Mangomallow is a masculine fanon character in Sugar Rush

Official Bio

Matthew Mangomallow:Joking Math-lover.

Mathematical! This guy can calculate and answer a math problem faster than anyone. Anyone except his friend:Claude Jellycream. Of course one with the most wicked sense of humor. HA! Anyone shall laugh at his jokes. Though, not all at a time. Love, one of his weaknesses. Only a beautiful girl can do a love at first sight with this guy. Though racing is his hobby and only math will stop him.


  • He is based on 2 different sweets
    • Mango
    • Marshmallows
  • His kart is the Mellowing Mallow
  • He is currently dating Candlehead
    • Please anyone don't make fanfics that has Candlehead having a relationship with anyone other than me.

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