Full Name

Maya Iniya Prasad


Mai, Mai-Mai



Date of Birth

June 12

Resides in

New York City


Video Game Heroine


Midtown High School


Mena Prasad (adoptive mother)


Sora (twin brother)
Candlehead (adoptive younger sister)


Justin Watson (crush, later boyfriend)
Glaiden Muttonfudge (briefly; ex-boyfriend)
Peter Parker (childhood crush)
Ruana Patel (crush)


Marissa (oldest daughter)


Vanellope von Schweetz, Kairi (best friend), Erika, James T. Cookie, Duchess Cherrinity Sundaaé, Arisa Pithel

Portrayed By

Emily Osment

"I'm not a kid! I'm just a teen who doesn't wanna grow up, alright, wise guy?"
Maya Prasad is a character from the game, Luna Tempest: Rise of S.T.O.R.M. and one of the protagonists of Wreck-it Ralph 2. She is voiced by Emily Osment.


Maya is kind and has a great sense of humor like her nobody, Miriam. She is immature and very flirty most of the time. As an adult, she matures and is very motherly, but still has her sense of humor. Maya is also shown to be disrespectful and violent, which is seen in Luna Tempest when she throws an apple at Xavier, insults his mother, and kicks him in the groin. Though shy, cowardly, goofy, and cheerful, Maya also has a tough side, which is shown in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she tells Darien to "get his [lazy] tushie back in line" and punches him in the face. She also shares multiple traits with her birth siblings. Like Sora, Maya is childish, kind, awkward, free-spirited, fearless, and optimistic.

Although she refuses to admit it, Maya is also a talented singer, in Wreck-it Ralph 2, she sings a parody of For the First Time in Ever from the film Frozen.

Physical Appearance

Maya is a strikingly beautiful and attractive teenage girl, inheriting her birth mother's brown hair and light blue eyes.

Her preferred outfit is a long turquoise shirt with a sun design, lime pants, and rainbow shoes, which have been worn in many promotional posters and merchandise for Luna Tempest and Wreck-it Ralph 2.


Maya: Staying Stunning

"The fantabudelic teenage fashion designing Picasso is a brave and swag gal programmed from Luna Tempest: Rise of S.T.O.R.M. She may be innocent and adorable, but behind that pretty face is a mind of mystery and the ability to rap. If you make her mad, watch out for her electrokinesis! Her temper'll shock you so much you won't feel a thing!!!"





She loves her twin brother.

Vanellope von Schweetz

Vanellope and Maya are close.

Pen von Schweitzer

Pen and Maya never interacted, but made eye contact.

Ruana Patel

"Ruana: You're so brave, Maya. I'm proud of you.
Maya: Thank you.
―Ruana praises Maya for coming out of the closet

When she first met Ruana, Maya becomes quite smitten with her, despite having a boyfriend.

In Sweet and Sour: Hacked, which takes place a week after her breakup with Glaiden, she nervously places a kiss on Ruana's cheek at Cherrina's suggestion. Ruana becomes shocked by this action and tells Maya that she is already dating a male Breakdancer from Spain. Embarassed and saddened by her response, Maya tells her how she understands and wants her to be happy. Before she runs off, heartbroken, Ruana stops her, places a kiss on her forehead, and calls her brave.


Maya is very overprotective of Candlehead, but she still loves her younger sister.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Maya had first met Shadow in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she fell from the window into his arms. Their friendship is not revealed until the film's climax when they team up to save Ralph from the MCP's wrath.


Maya looks up to Elsa.


Wreck-it Ralph

Fix-it Felix, Jr.

Sergeant Calhoun

Like Elsa, Mariya looks up to Calhoun.

Wreck-it Rachel

Maya is close to her, but a bit overprotective.


James T. Cookie

Maya likes him and thinks his crush on her is cute.


Glary Muttonfudge

Minty Zoey



Wreck-it Ralph 2

  • "What're you lookin' at, big boy?!"
  • "I'm Maya not Sora..."
  • "They're so adorable at that age..."
  • "Some people are so touchy..."
  • "Um, h-hi, I'm Mai-Mai... n-nice to meet you, Ruana."
  • "Oh boy...AHH!"
  • "Sonic? Oh, you're not Sonic, you're umm... what's your name again?"
  • "Ah. Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form, please to meet you."
  • "Yeah, you're right. I should've use-- wait... how do you know about me?"
  • "Thank you... Shadow the Hedgehog..."
  • "Oh, now that is just ironic..."
  • "SQUEEEEE!!! Oh my Galoshes!!!! It's Captain Kirk!!!!"
  • "Shut up, Master Control Pooper! Or I'll go apejunk on your butt!!!"
  • "Yo, MC Pop Monkey! I'm all jacked up on root beer from Tapper's!"
  • "Put me down, Ralph! I'm just a teenage girl!!!!!"
  • "Oh geez! I gotta do something!"
  • "Shadow! Wait up!"
  • "All I ask of you is this: My companion, Wreck-it Ralph, is being threatened by a nefarious program from the game Tron. He is known as the Master Control Program... or MCP for short. Will you assist me in this mission?"
  • "All right! Let's get it on!!!"
  • "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was swag like me?"
  • "Come on, loverboy, just shut up and kiss her!"
  • "And they all lived happily ever after!"

Video Games

Wreck-it Ralph 2: The Video Game

  • "Need some help, old friend?"
  • "Me and Shadow'll take care of this!"
  • "Is that... a Cy-Heartless?!"
  • "Do you even know what a Cy-Heartless is?!"
  • "Cy-Heartless are a mixed breed of a Heartless and a Cy-Bug. Like the regular Heartless and Cy-Bug, those viruses manifest in darkness and all they know what to do is eat, kill, take hearts, multiply, clone!"

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Evolution

  • "Yeah!!"
  • "Ow..."
  • "Dang! I lost..."
  • "Oh gosh, did I win??"
  • "Thank you to all my beloved fans!!"


  • Maya's name was originally going to be Miharu.
  • Maya was originally going to be a supporting character with no sidekick, then the idea was changed to have her be Shadow's partner and best friend.
  • She has a slight crush on Ruana Patel and a bigger one on Gwen Stacy, which makes her the first bisexual Disney heroine.
  • She is the first Disney Heroine to have an ex-boyfriend (she briefly dated Glary Muttonfudge after the accident but broke up with him due to his narcissism and hatred towards Justin).
  • Maya is the first Disney Heroine to rap, preceding Mochani, Vanellope, and Wreck-it Rachel.
  • Maya is the second Disney Heroine to punch the antagonist in the face.
  • She is named after the comedienne Maya Rudolph.
  • Maya is the only Disney character to use Chaos Control.
  • Her first name means "night rain" in Japanese while her middle name, Iniya, means "sweet" in Hindu.

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